Common Orthodontic Issues


Deep Overbite
Actual Case of Dr. Robison

deep overbite beforeBefore
deep overbite afterAfter

A deep overbite is when the upper front teeth cover the lower front teeth too far. In other words, there is too much vertical overlap.

Protruded Upper Teeth
Actual Case of Dr. Robison

protruded upper beforeBefore
protruded upper afterAfter

Protruded upper teeth is also known as an overjet and occurs when the upper front teeth protrude or "jet" out too far beyond the lower front teeth. In other words, there is too much horizontal overhang.

Actual Case of Dr. Robison

openbite beforeBefore
openbite afterAfter

An openbite is when teeth do not come together when biting down. This example shows a front or anterior openbite. Openbites can also occur in the back or posterior teeth.

Excessive Spacing
Actual Case of Dr. Robison

excessive spacing beforeBefore
excessive spacing afterAfter

Spacing can be more than an estetic concern. Excessive spacing can affect the bite (how teeth function together) and can cause food entrapment or impaction.

Anterior (front) Crossbite
Actual Case of Dr. Robison

anterior crossbite beforeBefore
anterior crossbite afterAfter

An anterior crossbite can be damaging to the front teeth and should be corrected as soon as possible. This example shows a lower front tooth with recession. That tooth was also mobile. After Phast I treatment, the recession improved and the mobility went away.

Posterior (back) Crossbite
Actual Case of Dr. Robison

posterior crossbite beforeBefore
posterior crossbite afterAfter

A posterior crossbite is when some of the back teeth fit outside the lower teeth. This example shows a posterior crossbite on one side (unilateral) which is often associate with a bite shift to the same side.

Full Crossbite
Actual Case of Dr. Robison

full crossbite beforeBefore
full crossbite afterAfter

A full crossbite is when all the front and back upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth. This patient was treated without extractions and without jaw surgery using the Damon System.

Severe Crowding
Actual Case of Dr. Robison

severe crowding beforeBefore
severe crowding afterAfter

One of the more common problems that we see is crowding, sometimes severe. The example shown would typically be treated with extractions due to the severity of the crowding. However, with the advanced technologies of the Damon System, this patient was treated without extractions. The after photos show the results including a broader smile and healthy gum tissue.

Severe Rotations
Actual Case of Dr. Robison

severe rotations beforeBefore
severe rotations afterAfter

This example shows rotations related to crowding. As the teeth are expanded with the Damon braces system or with advanced clear aligner techniques, space is created to easily resolve the rotations.

Missing Teeth
Actual Case of Dr. Robison

missing teeth beforeBefore
missing teeth afterAfter

Not including wisdom teeth, the upper lateral incisors are the most commonly misshaped or congenitally missing teeth. In this example, one upper lateral incisor was missing and the other was very small. Treatment included the extraction of the undersized tooth. The canines were then reshaped and moved forward to take the place of the missing lateral incisors.




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