If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask a team member for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I have been to more doctors’ offices than I ever thought possible prior to having children and have always left those offices feeling there was at least one thing that could have gone better. After time, I have even begun to expect many things to be disappointing in any given visit. The standard of care and customer service has really dropped over the years and the employees don't seem any happier than the patients in most places today. The one exception is Dr. Robison's office. Scheduling is never a hassle, appointment times always start promptly, the professional care given by the technicians and Dr. Robison is always first rate and everyone in the office is always genuinely happy! Other doctor offices never come close to the standard I have come to expect from Dr. Robison’s office. The consistent excellence in his office has made our visits over the last years a pleasure. Thank You!” – Taylor

​“I had been told my daughter was missing an adult tooth and needed three other teeth pulled to make the bite symmetrical. I was so glad I went to Dr. Robison for a second opinion. Superior imaging equipment showed the tooth was there. Further, Dr. Robison explained that no adult teeth needed to be extracted to achieve an excellent smile. My son will see Dr. Robison for his braces too. We are more than satisfied with the service and result.” – Beatrice

“Based on previous experiences with other orthodontists, I was absolutely dreading our first visit. From the first phone call to make an appointment to the minute we walked out the door after our first visit, Dr. Robison’s office showed me that they are different. We had a great appointment- everyone in the office was awesome. They were patient with my son, explained everything to me perfectly. Great practice. I wish I would have known about them years ago!” – Jake

“Other orthodontists suggested extractions before beginning treatment on our 13-year-old son. Dr. Robison cautioned that extractions might be needed, but optimistic that with treatment, they would not be necessary. We appreciated Dr. Robison’s conservative plan. Our son’s smile is beautiful, and he was spared unnecessary procedures. Thank you!!” – James

“We researched lots of practices when we moved to this area, and this was the one we liked the most. Dr. Robison and staff are very friendly and professional and our son’s treatment proposal was a bit on the conservative side, which we liked. The practice is up-to-date with the most modern technology. We hardly ever have to wait when we get in there since the office is efficiently run. There is also an incentive plan for the patients to do work with their dental care and in school—they earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards. We really love this practice!” – Zack

“Dr. Robison and his staff clearly make client service a priority and are working hard at it. What this office achieves regarding friendly service, organization, and preparedness only happens when each member of the team is actually applying best practices routinely and consistently. It was clear that my time is valuable to them.” – Molly

“Doctor Robison and the entire staff are helpful, friendly, and great to work with. The positive energy of the office setting is palpable. Dr. Robison is patient with my questions (although I’m sure he has responded to the same questions hundreds of times before) and took time to address my concerns regarding my daughter’s progress and future treatment options. The staff is, without exception, friendly, outgoing, and customer-oriented. They truly seem to enjoy their jobs and the work environment of the office.” – Dorothy

“After my brother got braces at Dr. Robison’s, we were so happy with them that when it was time for me to get braces there was no one else we would go to. At that point, another orthodontist started his business in my town, but there was no possible way we would go to him. My mom knew she liked Dr. Robison’s office, and I do too! We love Dr. Robison’s office because no matter who you are they treat you like they’ve known you forever.” – Jenna

“You are never too old and it’s never too late. Dr. Robison’s orthodontics office is very professional in every way. From the moment you walk through the door you are greeted by warm, friendly staff members eager to assist you. The first appointment is very thorough and unrushed and you are reassured this will be a pleasant experience. Good dentistry is expensive but Carolyn makes it easy to understand reasonable options. After all, the first thing people see when you meet them is your face. Just like good skin care, I don’t think you can put a price on a beautiful smile. I’m delighted to learn that there are still options for me and I will be receiving my smile at the age of 61. If you are like me and were unable to have corrective dentistry in your teens, it is never too late and there are affordable options/alternatives for you as well. I’m really looking forward to getting to know the staff members and experiencing a positive result.” – Catherine

“I love Dr. Robison and his staff! We’ve been patients for several years and would not think of going anywhere else (even though we have to drive 30 miles to the office). The office atmosphere is very friendly and professional. The staff is very attentive and works to find the best solution for each of our individual orthodontic needs. I’ve recommended Dr. Robison in the past and will continue to do so. Thanks for all you do!” – Danielle

“We are now on our third child with braces with Dr. Robison. I cannot recommend his office enough. First and foremost, my children’s teeth look amazing! The treatment plan that was given was accurate and efficient. My children look forward to going to the ortho, unlike my personal experience as a child with braces, which was always filled with pain and dread. The staff treats you like one of the family, caring for your child like they are one of their own. I highly recommend Dr. Robison and his GREAT staff!!!” – Quinten

“The kindness and caring attitude, humor and, of course, the professionalism of Dr. R and his entire staff was welcoming as well as solving my specific problem. My teeth were very disordered. Besides the cosmetic appearance, the disorder created hygiene problems. The orthodontic work that Dr. Robison and staff did is a type of miracle. Highly recommended.” – Steve

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